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PBC inks

From the beginning of 90’s Sirpi manufacture under Japanese license a full range of inks for the printed circuit board industry.

We created a department focused on this industry that have developed during these years a full range of inks following the market request. We started many years ago with the first two pack solvent based solder resist, we follow the market and developed UV curable inks and then we are the unique Italian company manufacturing Photoresist and Photosolder.


We can supply the following categories of products:

  • Etch Plasting and Plating Resist for Acid and Amoniacal etching
  • Solder resist in different colours and shades (solvent based, UV Curable and Photosolder)
  • Marking inks (solvent based, UV curable)


We have developed our inks in order that they can be applied with all different techniques used by PCB manufacturer (screen printing, Spray, Roller coater etc etc).

Please contact our offices for any information you require on this kind of products.

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